Statement 020/365

20th January 2015 Intention ( Ours is a love of )

Ours is a love of unorthodox and unconventional beauty. The strange allure of accidental geometry, and perfection interrupted. We are drawn to that which is shaped by time. The idea that total permanence cannot be. Our objects and environments become enriched with the complex patina of time and life. That which cannot be replicated is the object of our desire. We admire the obsessively handmade and time consuming. We instinctively reject the mass produced, the conventionally perfect, and that which offers only surface attraction. We love that which is in perpetual evolution. For us, beauty glows soft in the deepest, darkest plains. Intoxicated by the dramatic beauty of the peculiar. This, of course, removes us from the mainstream. We are at home out here. And clients who share our point of view find a path to our door.