Statement 03/10/16

3rd October 2016 Object ( Indigo bench )

‘Indigo Bench’ (2016)
(Burnished Indigo Series)
Limited Edition of 8 + 1AP
Antique Burnished Indigo textile & ebonised beech.
L 175cm x W 72cm x H 70cm

Available exclusively from Gallery FUMI

The ​Indigo Bench is propriety disrupted. The Burnished Indigo fabric is worked hard. It’s bruised by hand, soaked, parched, closed, opened, attacked and rested; a beautiful, intriguing new chapter for a very old, almost ancient, thread. The bench is an assemblage using the cloth. A dual personality. Tightly buttoned unravels to unruly abandon. It is both opulent and ascetic. Serene, controlled and unfurled.