Statement 132/365

12th May 2015 Critique ( A place with soul )

“Hostem in London designed by JAMESPLUMB is what we in the field call “directional.” The type of idea that everyone will suddenly discover for the first time, look at, and then follow, reproduce and try to repeat in many other places near and far away. It is a definitive example of a new direction in thinking, living and designing that is going to be around for a long time to come. For a designer with a mission to present the most beautiful, ethical and ecologically sustainable hand made designer clothing in the world, the interior at Hostem in London is one of my most cherished environments.

All of us who for the first time saw images or walked into the interiors of Hostem, and then expressed sighs of pleasure at the beauty and aesthetic of the thing, let us also not forget nor discount that the personal and spiritual feelings of the place and the comfort levels of its atmosphere are perhaps even more important an achievement of the design and make it all the more remarkable as a complete work. More than just cool-looking, this store makes the visitor feel really good. And that is what people are seeking more and more these days no matter how you slice it. If you’re gonna survive the 21st century, you’re gonna have to have some real soul, and this place is loaded with it.”

— Geoffrey B. Small
Cavarzere Venezia, Italy