Statement 159/365

8th June 2015 Critique ( Graham Newmarch )

“JAMESPLUMB is a title assembled from pieces of its members’ own names; James
Russell, and Hannah Plumb. This piece-pasting process of assemblage is somewhat of a
synecdoche for their entire approach to interior design, which involves sourcing out and
piecing apart the discarded and discounted, and imbuing it with new life. In their
Concrete Stitches series, JAMESPLUMB bestowed broken and abandoned pieces of
furniture with a new soul by casting them together in concrete.

Despite the potential allusions associated with such
methods, their work is less Dr. Frankenstein than it is Mother Goose. Their ambient
interiors and personified paraphernalia, although reincarnations of forgotten relics,
manage to avoid the realm of the macabre, and instead exist in a world imagined by a
child and realized by an adult – simultaneously evoking feelings of nostalgia and
wonderment, sensibility and sophistication. In a JAMESPLUMB space, their unfettered
exploration of shape, meaning, and story are trumped only by their excruciating attention to detail.

Just as their individual interests would dictate, each JAMESPLUMB design or
installation is a carefully constructed, aesthetically engaging story. Every
JAMESPLUMB creation gives breath to the inanimate, narrative to the mute, action to
the inert.

JAMESPLUMB’s aptitude for creating spaces is akin to a child’s for assembling forts;
acting on the imagination’s innocuous desire to see its fascinations realized. And, when
one’s fascinations are as detailed as the assemblages and luminaires that litter their
interiors, the resulting world is one you wish to occupy permanently.”


An excerpt from ‘JAMESPLUMB’ written for Scoute
By Graham Newmarch
November 2010