Statement 170/365

19th June 2015 Quotation ( The Hare and The Tortoise )

Time: a warm afternoon
Place: a meadow

[The Hare walks in slowly and sits under a tree. The birds are singing above him.]
HARE: It is too warm! Sing me to sleep, birds. Please sing me to sleep.
BIRDS: Tweet, Tweet! Tweet, tweet, tweet! Tweet, tweet!
[The Tortoise creeps in]
HARE: Where are you going, tortoise?
TORTOISE: I am out for a walk, sir.
HARE: Why do you not go out for a run?
BIRDS: Ha, ha, ha!
HARE. How would you like to race with me?
TORTOISE: I will race with you sir.
BIRDS: Ha, ha, ha, ha!
HARE: We will race to that field over there. Come now. Are you ready?
TORTOISE: I am. Please count for us birdies.
BIRDS: One – two – three – Go!
[The Hare runs. The Tortoise creeps. The hare soon reaches a tree and stops.]
HARE: It is so warm! I will take a little nap here. I can easily get to the field first.
[He sits, and is soon asleep. Soon the Tortoise creeps by him. The Tortoise creeps on and on. The Birds follow quietly. The Tortoise reaches the field.]
BIRDS: Tweet, tweet! Tweet, tweet, tweet!
[The Hare wakes and jumps up.]
TORTOISE: I have won the race, friend hare!
HARE: Well – well – well!
BIRDS: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!


(From Harrap’s Dramatic Readers Book One by Augusta Stevenson – published 1911)