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21st July 2015 Quotation ( The spell of the honey bee )

For your guidance here is a list of things which make bees inclined to sting:-
1. Handing them in cold, cloudy or windy weather.
2. The scent of human perspiration and rough clothes.
3. Careless manipulation.
4. Sudden cessations of nectar-flow, which leave the bees without useful employment.
5. Queenlessness

Here are some of the things which will infuriate the bees :-
1. Thundery weather.
2. Bumping or jarring the hives.
3. The scent of their own venom, as when bees have been carelessly crushed or have used their stings.
4. Certain proprietary hair creams.
5. Human breath.
6. Robbing.
7. Brushing them from the comb the wrong way.

Here are two things which terrify the bees :-
1. Smoke.
2. The scent of carbolic acid.

An extract from ‘The Spell of the Honey Bee”
By W. Eric Kelsey
First published, 1945