Statement 288/365

15th October 2015 Environment ( The One Room Hotel - II )

Extract from press release
September 2010


Experiential; sensory and seductive: the definition of a hotel is being re-aligned.

JAMESPLUMB, invite a chosen few into a truly inimitable hotel. Hosted by Hostem, a new East London menswear bastion located on Redchurch St, Shoreditch, the initiative wil bring it’s panache for the original by hosting a travel experience like no other. Created for the London Design Festival by JAMESPLUMB, who designed the store’s interior, the event will allow a select few the chance to spend one night in a truly unique and intimate installation – THE ONE ROOM HOTEL.

By day, the space acts as an exhibition for the Artist’s striking, innovative pieces, all of them new and debuted for the first time. By night, anyone can gain a chance to spend the evening in this captivating enclave as the keys are handed over and the hum of Redchurch Street melts away. A stand alone suite with a separate entrance from the store, the space comes equipped with a considered library and a selection from JAMESPLUMB’s own film archive. Their latest works will all be available to buy.


With its own entrance off Redchurch St, the room will offer its guests a retreat from the fast pace and busy events of the London Design Festival. JAMESPLUMB will create their largest assemblage to date – based around an 18th century swedish bed/dresser, whose doors were half disintegrated from leaking water. Restored and expanded to form the centrepiece of the room, the bed will be a unique place to lays ones head.