Statement 333/365

29th November 2015 Miscellanea ( Pretty bonny for ninety-nine )

ERNIE: Great Aunt Mildred doesn’t have to have all this fuss made of her though does she?

DAISY: Well, of course not, no. She isn’t deserving of it as Grandma.

ERNIE: Oh? Why not?

DAISY: Because she’s led a useless life, Ernie, that’s why not. You know as well as I do that, whereas Grandma’s always done her utmost to help other people, the only thing Great Aunt Mildred’s ever done is to gaze at herself in the looking-glass.

ERNIE: Well, what if she has? She’s always had something to gaze at, hasn’t she?

DAISY: (WASPISHLY) She’s never been my idea of beauty, thank you very much.

ERNIE: No, nor mine either. But she’s always made the most of herself though. Still does too, if it comes to that.

DAISY: Yes, and it all comes out of the box, let me tell you.

ERNIE: Well, yes, so what? She’s still pretty bonny for ninety-nine.