Statement 361/365

27th December 2015 Quotation ( Towards the sublime )

“Ice is an essential white, it’s not a pictorial white, it is not described, nor does it describe, it is a white that in itself navigates the light. It exists in and of itself. Thus it is constrained to make a shift; the object must begin to bear witness to an idea of the sublime. I think that art shifts into the absolute, or else remains outside of it. If it shifts into the absolute, it moves within the idea of the sublime; it becomes an element where elegance and beauty are restless for the absolute, for extremes. It is not an investigation of beauty, but is a moment of experience where you and others can relish as decoration or pleasure an extreme moment. Ice is a primary moment. It is not painting which describes, not literature which writes, which tells stories; it is an ‘anomalous’ material, if you like, unique and alone, and therefore sublime, which absorbs light and space, the equilibrium of which is extremely fragile and delicate.”

–Pier Paolo Calzolari
From ‘Towards the Sublime’, 1987.