JAMESPLUMB is a creative studio, founded by artists James Russell & Hannah Plumb.  We founded the studio in South London in 2009, and in 2022 we relocated  to the Shropshire Hills from where we continue to work internationally.

We make both Objects and Environments. Our Objects include sculptures, furniture, and fine art installations. We exhibit our work site specifically, with galleries, and at fairs internationally. We also work directly with private clients on commissions. Our Environments encompass interior, event, or architectural design, and creative direction. Projects are commercial or residential, and are both permanent or impermanent. A home, a retail space, a one room hotel, a one off event. We work with global brands or with private individuals.

Our clients come to us because they want something real, with depth and resonance. We immerse ourselves deeply in our projects, and we offer intense commitment to our clients. Our focus is on authentic actions and experiences of living and being. Not just the surface veneer of aesthetics, but how it will feel to use, and inhabit.

The act of making is incredibly important to us.  For both our Objects and Environments, we develop concepts physically through material and process exploration. Often, our projects involve both areas of work. We make and install the objects we’ve designed to populate our environments, and we conceive and build inhabitable environments to experience our objects. Having no fixed or set processes, we learn and adapt our skills towards whichever processes our ideas and work need, so our workshop is extremely versatile and continuously evolving.

We are rigorous and exacting in our making, and we make things that are real and solid, even when they are temporary.

For us the distinction between art and design is blurred and interchangeable – both in our own work and in our perception of the world at large. A table becomes an artwork, or a sculpture becomes a chair. An art installation is designed to be inhabited, and an interior design is approached as an artwork. We are artists who conceive, create, and direct work across a wide range of industries and disciplines, but we are less worried about how to define our work, than with what it adds to the sensation of the world around us.

"One of the primary tasks of art is to safeguard the authenticity and independence of human experience...

...In a world where eventually everything becomes similar, insignificant, and of no consequence, they have to maintain differences of meaning and, in particular, the criteria of sensuous experiential and existential quality. It remains the responsibility of the artist and the architect to defend the enigma of life and the eroticism of the life world."

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Juhani Pallasmaa – The Thinking Hand.





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