STONE (WEATHERED). (Series of Objects)

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STONE (WEATHERED). IUnique Piece (triptych) Bath stone 608 x 453 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). I(Detail) Unique Piece (triptych) Bath stone 608 x 453 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). IIUnique Piece (diptych) Bath stone 362 x 628 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). IIIUnique Piece (triptych) Bath stone 836 x 863 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). III(Detail) Unique Piece (triptych) Bath stone 836 x 863 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). IVUnique Piece (diptych) Bath stone 561 x 399 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). VUnique Piece (diptych) Bath stone 450 x 452 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). VIUnique Piece (diptych) Bath stone 160 x 400 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED).VIIUnique Piece Bath stone 280 x 155 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). VIIIUnique Piece (diptych) Bath stone 166 x 399 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). IXUnique Piece (diptych) Bath stone 298 x 219 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). XUnique Piece (diptych) Bath stone 298 x 204 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). XIUnique Piece (diptych) Bath stone 166 x 402 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). XI(Detail) Unique Piece (diptych) Bath stone 166 x 402 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). XIIUnique Piece (diptych) Bath stone 201 x 295 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). XIIIUnique Piece (diptych) Bath stone 162 x 400 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). XIVUnique Piece (diptych) Bath stone 147 x 407 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). XVIUnique Piece Bath stone 190 x 299 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). XVIIIUnique Piece Bath stone 292 x 625 x 35 mm
STONE (WEATHERED). XIXUnique Piece Bath stone 294 x 600 x 35 mm

A body of work created for the exhibition (Of ) Bath, MMXXII at Francis Gallery, curated by Elliott Smedley.  The group show is a dialogue between Rich Stapleton’s single edition photographs and JAMESPLUMB’s wall mounted works and freestanding sculptures.

JAMESPLUMB created a new body of work from Bath stone, including 20 wall works, and 2 sculptures, with each work being unique. The sculptures are functional artworks, embracing use as sculptural benches or tables. All the pieces have been created from blocks found lying dormant in a local stone yard, having been retained from past construction projects over the years. The proportions are therefore of varying traditional construction sizes and defined by Georgian architecture. The stones were found with innate markings of two main types. Those created by exposure to the elements, sunlight, and time, creating photographic-like monochromatic abstract imagery. And those that have remnants of domestic interior decoration, with layers of lime wash and gloss paint, and markings from architectural fixtures. The exhibition was the catylyst for JAMESPLUMB to return to Bath’s stone yards and create work of their own, having felt unfinished business after working on a local architectural project in the heart of the city, and a strong desire to work directly with the stone themselves.